Wireless straight hair comb

Wireless straight hair comb

Hair not obedient? You can easily handle it with a comb without a splint

I can't remember how many times it has been

After getting up, I have to wash my hair again because every day's appearance is a gift from heaven

Plus, my hair belongs to the thick and hard type

I'm really disobedient. I've been ruined by my hair many times

I didn't know until I got this wireless straight hair comb

So hair can also be so obedient

Don't look at it. It's small, but its strength is very strong

Made of ABS high-temperature material for anti scalding comb teeth design

You just need to use it to comb your hair if it's not obedient

The comb teeth on both sides can comb the tangled hair open

Comb your hair while shaping it to become smooth and straight

Three level temperature regulation can meet various hair quality needs

During use, there is no feeling of scalping

Combing teeth provides excellent protection

Handicapped parties like me can be used effortlessly

Easy to control, really love, love

Type-c can charge it, with long-lasting and super user-friendly range

Before going out, use it for a simple comb to bid farewell to the restless and delicate pig girl

Sincerely suggest that all friends try using it to treat their disobedient hair with a smooth and comfortable dressing!