EMS Eye Beauty Instrument

EMS Eye Beauty Instrument

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Staying up late for a long time using your eyes? Try this eye beauty device

Do you think staying up late only leads to dark circles under your eyes? Nonono! Do you think prolonged use of the eyes will only cause dryness in the eyes? Nonono!

The changes in the skin around the eyes are not visible in just one or two days

Every bad use of the eyes can cause damage to the skin around the eyes

At that time, the fine lines will all crawl to the periphery of the eyes, which is really lifeless

But fortunately, I have this EMS eye beauty device

Can be used with essence or eye cream

After application, micro current and vibration can easily introduce nutrients into the skin around the eyes, fully absorb the nutrients, fade fine lines, and brighten the eyes

It also has two functions: hot compress and cold compress

Especially when the skin around the eyes is loose and dull

Use these two functions alternately

Easily replace towels to apply to eyes

It's super convenient to use in just a few minutes

High frequency and low speed motors will not tear the skin around the eyes

Delicate and efficient massage promotes eye circulation, making the skin more compact

It also supports type-c charging with long-lasting and convenient battery life. You can also bring it with you during business trips~

Glasses must be taken good care of. After all, they are the window of the soul. That must be from Bling Bling